1. The design of digital instrument connected to android based smartphone to measure radiation Download Article

    Arif Budiman, Gunawan Santoso, Faisal Amri, Suharyo Hadisaputro, M. Choiroel Anwar, Rini Indrati
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    Background Indonesian Government Regulation of 2007 on Safety and Health of Ionizing Radiation Utilization states that it is necessary to measure radiation exposure of X-ray machine for radiation protection for officers, patients and the public. At present there are very few devices that can measure the dose of radiation due to the limitation of radiation dose measurement device in health care institutions in Indonesia. Limitation of radiation dose measurement device is a quite alarming problem, so it becomes an obstacle in the implementation of radiation workers protection. Objective(s) The designing of a radiation measurement device using Geiger Muller detector, microcontroller and smartphone to display the result of radiation measurement. Methods Applied study, true experiment study design, type of design was post test group only. The study consisted of 1 intervention group and 1 control group. The intervention group used a design of radiation measurement device while the control group used a standard radiation measurement device. Stability test was performed. Results The stability test obtained Chi Square Test value (x2) of 2.6899, the measurement result was accepted because it was still in the range of 2.088 to 21,166. Conclusion A digital radiation measurement device that could be connected with android-based smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity was designed.

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